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If you're reading this post right now, it's likely you are already a friend of mine at my [ profile] timelord1 journal. Thanks for being a friend to this journal. I'm not quite sure what exactly I'm going to do with this yet, but it's going to be the home for my original work on Livejournal/Dreamwidth (makes mental note to create Dreamwidth account before I have too many entries to import lol)

So, my original stuff. Oh! Like the icon? That's a portrait of one of my main characters as done by [ profile] shadows_gallery - she's an amazing artist. If you haven't been to her page yet, you should really drop by for Free Sketch Days (currently on hiatus, as I understand), or her $5 Character Portrait days...very, very awesome. Why, yes, he does look a bit like DT. Thanks for noticing! :)

Yes, yes, my original stuff. Getting to it. I'm a bit shy about it, honestly, because I've never shared it with anyone but family members and close friends before, but that was the whole point of creating Timelord1 and getting my writing out there. I wanted to see if people liked the way I wrote (which, apparently, some people do haha), so that I could buck up the confidence to put my original work out there. Writing Doctor Who fanfic was perfect, because - though I didn't know it at the time - the community of people who write DW fanfic is simply awesome and supportive. I've made some really good friends through writing DW fic, and I hope at least a couple of y'all will find my original stuff interesting enough to read it from time to time.

My original stories are cheeky high fantasy, taking place in a place called Ethia, featuring an ensemble of characters, with lots of humor, action, drama, romance and angst as well as a boatload of original and varied-ly borrowed mythology, from Celtic to Japanese, a little bit of Greek but mostly all from inside this bizarre head of mine. The userpic is Cross, who is probably my favorite character in the series. I think. At least, at the moment. He's a reckless git who is as happy to start a fight as he is to finish one, fueled a bit by revenge and without a single thing in the world to live for any more. Manic and mouthy and hiding a huge and broken heart underneath all his cheek and swagger, he is a lot of fun to write, and is the go-to whump target of the story lol.

There probably won't be a lot from this journal at the start, as my stuff is still BADLY in need of editing and reworking, now that I've learned as much as I have writing DWfic and growing my skillset thanks to the feedback and support of the friends I've made. But, keep watching - I'm going to start posting little ficlets to see if people are interested, and perhaps selections from the novel as I get in shape to submit for publication. The whole work probably won't show up here, but there will be stuff here that won't show up in the novel, so you'll be in for all the extra goodies when the rest of the world is just discovering Ethia.

I'm not typically the most confident person you've ever met, but my brother said something to me yesterday that has inspired me. "You've accomplished all these things with a low opinion of yourself. Imagine what you could do if you believed in yourself." This is a step in that direction, yo. Thanks for reading!


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